That’s A Diabetic Shoe

When your patients see our line of diabetic shoes, their first response is often, “Those look a lot different than what my grandparents wore. I’d wear those!” Stylish & Well Constructed Yes, they are indeed stylish and comfortable! Plus, there are shoes for every occasion. So, whether your patient wants casual, athletic, work boots, around-the-house or even a little dressy, all shoes have these key features for their diabetic foot health: Seamless Lining Padded Tongue Extra Wide Toe Box Lightweight Construction Nonskid Sole Firm Heel Counter These features protect against foot ulcers… Read More

Diabetic Patients & the Power of Foot Care

We all know that patients with diabetes have an increased risk of having foot problems. This includes developing ulcers and other types of damage due to blood sugar levels affecting the nerves and vessels that go to the feet. Wearing specially designed shoes can help reduce that risk and promote healthy circulation. AVOIDING FOOT COMPLICATION Therapeutic shoes can stop complications before they start, including: Neuropathy Poor Circulation Skin changes Calluses Foot ulcers Amputations Failure to perform recommended foot care and wearing inappropriate footwear can set diabetic patients up for foot ulcers. Ulcers… Read More

Wellness from the Ground Up

Just like a home needs a solid foundation, so does our body. Properly fitted shoes not only provide comfort but, most importantly, protection. With therapeutic shoes offered by Frontier Home Medical, your patients will benefit from keeping ulcers from forming and prevent foot strains and calluses. FOOT CARE FOR DIABETIC PATIENTS Each year, diabetic patients are eligible for one pair of shoes and three pairs of custom inserts. To qualify for shoes through Medicare, the patient prescription must be signed by an MD or DO, and they must have a face-to-face visit… Read More

Qualifying Medicare Patients for Therapeutic Shoes

For someone diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, Medicare may cover the cost of therapeutic shoes and custom inserts; however, specific criteria must be met in a face-to-face exam. First, only a Medical Doctor (MD) or a Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) can order diabetic-friendly footwear and inserts. If the face-to-face is completed by a Podiatrist, Physician’s Assistant (PA-C) or Nurse Practitioner (APRN/NP), then there must be a physician who agrees with the foot exam and plan for shoes/inserts.  The physician must certify that the patient has diabetes and is under a comprehensive plan of… Read More