AffloVest® Fitting Guide

The AffloVest® comes in 7 different sizes, from XXS to XXL(18″ to 65+”). It is fit using two measurements. Measure the patient with arms at his or her side and in a standing position, if possible. Measure around the largest part of the chest and abdomen, while the patient breathes normally. Use the larger of the two measurements to determine the correct size. Then refer to the Body Measurement Guide (see below) to choose the best size vest. When fitting the patient with the vest, you will want to adjust the horizontal… Read More

“Hey Doc, Why do I get so many Infections in my Lungs?” Solutions When a Patient Struggles to Breathe

For healthcare providers, it must be frustrating when you feel like you are running out of solutions for a patient who is having issues breathing. Airway clearance is the cornerstone of therapy aimed at minimizing the effects of airway obstruction, infection and inflammation. THE IMPACT OF HFCWO AffloVest® is a portable High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation (HFCWO) vest. It is fully mobile and engineered to mimic anatomically-targeted chest physical therapy. It is an effective airway clearance therapy for improving bronchial drainage by mobilizing secretions. The AffloVest® has a programmable controller, 9 total… Read More