Incontinence: Helping Patients Feel in Control

Studies show that fewer than half of those who experience incontinence voice their symptoms to their healthcare provider without first being asked. In the healthcare community, we can help patients to address concerns about incontinence.


For many, talking about incontinence unleashes a floodgate of fears like “I’m getting old,” “The next step is a long-term care facility” or “What if its cancer?” Embarrassment and shame add to the burden. Combine all that with a visit to a busy healthcare provider where the patient may be unenthusiastic about opening another can of worms and may not be able to explain what’s going on “down there” in the first place. What we now have is a stigma smothering a life.


The fact is that bringing the issue of incontinence to light can be as simple as asking questions:

Are you altering your schedule to accommodate for bathroom breaks?

Do you find yourself limiting your fluid intake to increase the time between bathroom breaks?

Are you skipping exercise or favorite pastimes due to a lack of control?

People have a certain willingness to tolerate general discomfort. Don’t let the “bother factor” be a roadblock to improving the lives of so many dealing with incontinence. Asking these questions opens the dialogue needed to find a solution. Help your patients focus on the problem and it can help them improve their quality of life. They can fully contribute back to their communities, back to their friends and loved ones and back to themselves.


Once the diagnosis of incontinence has been determined, and a patient needs supplies such as pads or briefs, the concept of dignity must be a priority. The program provided at Frontier Home Medical begins with our certified continence coaches. Our friendly experts discreetly speak with people to determine the exact correct product for that individual. Absorbency, fit and proper usage all play a part in the success a patient has with controlling the problem. We offer many products like pads, briefs, wipes, gloves, perineal cleansers and disposable/washable under pads. The products are far more discreet than the adult diapers of the past and can be picked up in any of our store locations or shipped discreetly to their home or assisted living facility. Patients can enroll in a monthly resupply system so that they are never caught off guard by running out of the products they need.

When it comes to any medical condition, knowledge is the essential element of empowerment. Our patients have lives beyond their medical concerns. Great advice, emotional support and superior products and service are what they need to live life fully.

Written By:

Anne Seaman

Frontier Home Medical Sales Representative

Cozad, McCook, North Platte

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