AffloVest® Fitting Guide

The AffloVest® comes in 7 different sizes, from XXS to XXL(18″ to 65+”). It is fit using two measurements. Measure the patient with arms at his or her side and in a standing position, if possible. Measure around the largest part of the chest and abdomen, while the patient breathes normally. Use the larger of the two measurements to determine the correct size. Then refer to the Body Measurement Guide (see below) to choose the best size vest.

When fitting the patient with the vest, you will want to adjust the horizontal straps so the vest fits snugly, but without limiting the patient’s ability to take a deep breath. The top shoulder straps may also need to be adjusted so that the front oscillation motors sit on the upper chest, just below the collar bone. A 1-inch overlap of the vertical black seams on the front of the vest, as well as a 1- to 5-inch gap between the two sides of the vest, are acceptable for all sizes

Written By:

Joselin Lockard, RRT

Frontier Home Medical Sales Representative

Kearney and Grand Island

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