Powerful Outcomes: Assigning Proper Mobility

Patient outcomes are the highest priority to find the best mobility solutions. As a full durable medical equipment provider, our team can address any mobility situation that comes our patient’s way.


To start, there are mobility aids such as canes and walkers to assist in the patient’s daily living activities within the home; due either to limitations or a mobility-related diagnosis. 

If neither a cane nor a walker is appropriate for the patient, we then look to a wheelchair that best suits their needs. We consider a wheelchair’s width, depth, height and any size restrictions due to the layout of the patient’s home. We find the best suitable size and type of wheelchair to allow for the patient’s safety and independence.

If a manual wheelchair has been trialed and failed, then we move to a Group 2 power wheelchair. We complete a trial to ensure the patient has both the physical and mental ability to safely and effectively use a power wheelchair to complete ADLs (Activities of Daily Living).

Should the patient meet the requirements for a power wheelchair, but a standard Group 2 does not meet all the patient’s needs due to diagnosis or impairment, then a Group 3 power wheelchair is recommended. A Group 3 power wheelchair will allow for any powered seating needed to allow the patient to independently reposition themselves as well as provide proper pressure relief as needed. Group 3s also allow for modifications as the patient’s needs may change as time goes on.


Following this method for assistive mobility not only assures that we have the safest and most effective option for a patient, but also shows that providing proper equipment can reduce adverse outcomes and preventable medical complications. With proper care and follow-up, patient’s health and well-being are impacted; this, in turn, shapes the healthcare industry at large.

Written By:

Jesse Wellman

Frontier Home Medical Assistive Technology Professional

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