Wellness from the Ground Up

Just like a home needs a solid foundation, so does our body. Properly fitted shoes not only provide comfort but, most importantly, protection. With therapeutic shoes offered by Frontier Home Medical, your patients will benefit from keeping ulcers from forming and prevent foot strains and calluses.


Each year, diabetic patients are eligible for one pair of shoes and three pairs of custom inserts. To qualify for shoes through Medicare, the patient prescription must be signed by an MD or DO, and they must have a face-to-face visit with their provider. The notes must explain the medical need for the shoes and inserts. The provider must certify that the patient has diabetes, and he or she is treating the patient under a comprehensive plan of care.


After we receive the order, Frontier will contact the patient for a shoe fitting. During our visit, we will measure the patient’s feet, look for any necessary accommodations (such as toe fillers) and scan the patient’s feet with a
3-D camera that creates an exact map around which custom inserts are then molded. These custom inserts can help provide balance and relieve pain in areas like the lower back, knees and neck.


Frontier Home Medical takes pride in providing patients with the best quality and care needed. Please contact one of our certified shoe fitting specialists with any questions regarding our therapeutic shoe line.We are eager to assist you in getting your patients the comfort they deserve!

Written By:

Elsie Hosick

Certified Shoe Fitting Specialist & Customer Service Representative

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