“Hey Doc, Why do I get so many Infections in my Lungs?” Solutions When a Patient Struggles to Breathe

For healthcare providers, it must be frustrating when you feel like you are running out of solutions for a patient who is having issues breathing. Airway clearance is the cornerstone of therapy aimed at minimizing the effects of airway obstruction, infection and inflammation.


AffloVest® is a portable High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation (HFCWO) vest. It is fully mobile and engineered to mimic anatomically-targeted chest physical therapy. It is an effective airway clearance therapy for improving bronchial drainage by mobilizing secretions.

The AffloVest® has a programmable controller, 9 total setting variations and 3 modes of oscillation treatment (percussion, vibration and drainage) and 3 intensity levels.

The patient simply does two 30-minute sessions per day – all of which can be done in the comfort of home or on the go. Imagine your patient getting the therapy they need while shopping, exercising and even traveling, resulting in consistent therapy compliance. The therapy can be tailored with the 8 anatomically positioned motors to create individual pressure waveforms to target all lobes of the lungs to mobilize those secretions. The AffloVest® comes in 7 different sizes to fit young children and adults.

You can now offer your patient a tool to help break the vicious cycle of inflammation, lung infection and mucus production. The impact that airway clearance has on the patient can include fewer antibiotic prescriptions, fewer hospitalizations and the ability to breathe easier and live a move active, healthy life.


It has been wonderful to see first-hand the benefits that the AffloVest® can have on patients since we started offering it in 2018. We have set up many patients with vests across the state. It has become another piece of full and complete care of our respiratory patients. We are proud to be considered as the airway clearance specialists in Nebraska. We take a hands-on approach to the care of these individuals who suffer with the simple task of breathing, something that many people take for granted. Patients are always treated with expertise and compassion.

Your Frontier Representatives are happy to demonstrate the AffloVest® and answer questions regarding this therapy and insurance qualifications.

Written By:

Anne Seaman

Frontier Home Medical Sales Representative

Cozad, North Platte, McCook

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