Kind & Compassionate Incontinence Care: Partnering With Frontier

Loss of bladder and/or bowel control (LOBC) is a sensitive topic for many individuals, and Frontier’s team of certified continence coaches always keeps that in mind. Our kind, caring voices on the other end of the line help develop trust and communication between ourselves and patients. We find that when people are comfortable, they can open up about specific needs, such as needing a heavier absorbency or a product that allows them to leave their homes without worrying about embarrassing accidents.

The Patient Experience

From start to finish, patients discuss incontinence needs with a live person. Beginning with an overview of the incontinent supply program and setting up discreet shipping right to their door, the personal communication continues every month. I, or one of my team members, check in with patients on a monthly basis. We ask if the products they are using are still working properly, if they need additional products and just to touch base. Sometimes that means catching up on what our patients did since we last spoke, including whose grandchildren came to visit, who canned the most apples and whose dog attended church (and didn’t even bark). That’s the most rewarding part for me. I look forward to speaking to our clients—and, I’m told, vice versa; I genuinely love hearing the stories and updates. Our team’s personal touch is just part of our thoughtful and compassionate incontinence program.

The Incontinence Supply Program

Our main goal for working with healthcare professionals is to make the process run smoothly. Within 24-hours of receiving a prescription, we contact your patient and gather the information needed to offer them the best possible products. Then, we send a certification of medical necessity (CMN) to the patient’s provider for signature; this will include specific products, each individually listed. Then the products are packed and shipped, to be repeated as needed each month.

Choosing Frontier to provide incontinence products to your patients is how you can ensure they receive the right products for their needs and are treated with respect. We work with providers across the state to help patients maintain and live their best lives with dignity.

About the Author
Valerie Remmenga is the department manager. She has been with Frontier Home Medical since 2016 as a specialist on Supplemental Nutritional, Sleep Therapy Resupply and Incontinence solutions. If you have questions, contact Valerie and her team at 888.326.3818, M-F, 8 am to 5 pm.

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